Born three years before 9/11, I long thought I was the first tragedy. Unexpected, but warmly welcomed, I was raised between mango and avocado trees in Brasília, Brazil. From a young age I loved to speak and play—even more the lives of others as I surrendered to theatre. Then came the beach and with it the warmth of my teenage years.


Death first knocked on my door when I was thirteen, but it staved off as I had other places to be. Caught adult in the German Black Forest, I found love at age seventeen. The world was then forever to be mine to have.


As future approached, Death came again and sometimes too close. Under her for two years, I broke free and found the joy of being present. Today, and always ahead, that is what I live for.


22. Born in Brasília, Brazil. UWC Robert Bosch College alum ('17).

English and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies joint major

at Middlebury, College, VT --- class of 2022.5

Interests range from student activism, tea-making as an institution, psychoanalysis, and the 36 Questions that Lead to Love.

Aspiring writer & poet.

LinkedIn: Arthur R.D.V. Martins

instagram: @amartinspoetry; @arthurararipe
facebook: Arthur Araripe