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"After all, to be visible requires one to notice, to perceive, and to acknowledge. The act of seeing is not passive, but it is a deliberate exercise of empathy and affirmation."
Analytical essay. Literary Borders. May 2019.
nominated for the 2019 Paul W. Ward Prize for Best Writing
"As for those who may be struggling now, I urge you to hear my message. Asking for help is hard, but you and your concerns are valid. They will always be."
Opinion piece. Middlebury Campus. August 2019.
"Of the seventeen children Sonia’s mother bore, only nine survived; seasonal hunger and high infant mortality were common as healthcare was inaccessible. “We were brought together by hope,” she confides."
Analytical essay. Death in Latin America. November 2019.
"We made a habit of escaping to that tree, our tree. Through silvered afternoons or
early evenings blue, we followed along the fleeing creek to nest under pink-petalled
flowers and the blooming scent of our magnolia."
Nonfiction essay. Intro to Creative Writing Workshop. March 2020.
"Learning with love is transformative. When we look into the narratives of those we care about, when we let ourselves be transported to those of other people, we unleash something more powerful than skepticism: hope and possibility in the face of disconnection and despair."
Finalist speech. 2020 Spencer Prize Oratory Competition. February 2020.