• a. martins

her eyes the stars


when I was a kid

I thought the sky

was just a dark cloth

God put over the earth

when it was time for us

to finally go to sleep

despite his caring grace

as she cuddled up to bed

I couldn’t help but notice

the many whitening spots

that flickered in front of me

stars—their names, estrelas

looking up every night for them

I thought how silly God could be

not to realise his blanket had holes

and that we could peek into them

unnoticed, small that we were

seeing a fraction of the other side

as i lied in bed light-years after

watching stars and planets rise

i thought of him gratefully this time

to have allowed us the small miracle

of gaping at these distant forces

reminding that out there somewhere

someone is looking out for me.

-- (am) a. martins